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Chicon 7


Chicon 7: The 70th World Science Fiction Conventio

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Last Minute Chicon Room Share Request
donaithnen wrote in chicon7
I find myself in need of crash space at Chicon at the last minute. Since i haven't been able to find anything equivalent to the DragonConRooms community for Chicon 7 or Worldcon 2012, this seems like a good place to inquire about people with hotel rooms that still have space. And if anyone else has the same problem as me and is looking for space or if anyone wants to advertise room space in general feel free to leave a response here.

I have successfully arranged a room share, thanks everyone! I'll leave this post up however in case anyone else who needs a room or needs a roommate.

Also, the room i'm now staying in still has a spot for another person. There are currently three people, one female and two males, but one of the other parties is short on cash (and has been relegated to the floor) so we're splitting the cost two ways. If anyone is interested in splitting the cost three ways (minus whatever the short on cash person can chip in) there's room for another female to share the female bed, or another male can arm wrestle with me for the male bed :)