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Chicon 7


Chicon 7: The 70th World Science Fiction Conventio

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More News: Classics of SF, Dr. Moreau, WSFS Business
scifantasy wrote in chicon7
Three days remain until everything begins! Are you all packed?

Today's news:

There will be a Classics of Science Fiction discussion set at Chicon. Frankenstein, R.U.R., and Pebble in the Sky. Check out http://chicon7.org/prog-classics.php for more.

On Friday evening, Moebius Theater will be putting on an audio play production of The Island of Dr. Moreau. http://chicon.org/moebius.php for more.

The agenda and reports for the WSFS Business Meeting are available at http://chicon.org/business-meeting.php.

More later today!